Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Bush's Presidential Library?

Here's a piece from the Washington Post that I missed yesterday. It's a devastating look at the legacy of George Bush. Here is how it ends:

The ugly emptiness will remind us always to be wary of the grand schemes of politicians. They can't build a building. They cannot capture a mass murderer. They cannot wage war in Iraq. This is their hole. It is, by dint of failure, George Bush's presidential library. His proper legacy is a void.

Hat tip to Anon Con for posting it first.


  1. This is really a great column, and I usually don't like Richard Cohen much.

    I've often wondered what the George Bush Presidential Library would look like. I guess he can have one wing for "My Pet Goat" and another wing for "The History of Salt." From what I can tell, that's the extent of his reading!

  2. Don't forget, he will need a wing to house his collection of DVD's made for him by his staff to inform him about major catastrophes - mostly of his own doing.

  3. This is so fun - I'm able to observe a zoo of left-wing sentiment in a nation that has right-wing stamped into the very heart of it.

    "Attacking George Bush is so fun - hohohohoho! We will never be able to oust our twice-elected President, but let's make fun of him (because it's in vougue, you see)"

    Why don't you talk of something else - like which Republican will be voted in as President next time round, the growing unrest over the changing ethnicity of America (no longer a White Christian country - I mean since the Native Americans were 'replaced'), or even the possibility of further attacks on America.

    Please discuss for the sake of your children.

  4. smartballs8:06 PM

    I am genuinely missing your point in most of your comments on this blog. Forgive me if I am a little "slow" -can you summarize for me (and, maybe the other readers of this blog) what it is that YOU are really trying to say, instead of telling US what we should talk about?

  5. Thanks smartballs. I agree whole heartedly.

  6. I am asking you to talk about something interesting that doesn't involve the stench of fake, left-wing, suburbanite concern.

    That's all, smartballs.

  7. Also, did many of you get bullied at school?

    Or were your parents just hippies?

  8. Retardo - it's a big world out there on the web, and I'm sure you could find something more interesting to read elsewhere, if you don't like what you find here.

    Personally, I like to read about how stupid Bush is, although I also like to change it up occasionally and read about pictures of someone shitting the golden arches of McDonald's.

    Any idea where I might find something that interesting?

  9. I missed that,too. I'm generally not a big oped reader, but that's pretty damning.


  10. smartballs12:46 PM

    there you go again, asking me to "talk about something interesting", and not answering my question. What is YOUR point?

    seenos or left-over,
    could we vote this retardo-bot "off the Left-Over island"? I like coming here, and he/she/it is putting me in the bad mood.

  11. Smartballs - I'm not a fan of censoring comments, because this medium is about free speech.
    On the other hand, I do expect a little more than just insults and calls to change the subject.

    That was my point earlier up the thread - if Retardo doesn't like the purpose of this blog, there are plenty of others. He/She/It should go where he/she/it finds the discussion interesting.

  12. smartballs1:52 PM

    Seenos -you have a valid point re:censoring. I'll just have to get over Retardo's insulting rants. BTW, I enjoy reading your blog -it has nice mix of politics, humor, sport (how 'bout them Gators!!!)

  13. Ouch - I seem to have brought out the right-wing nerve in seenos and smartballs. They do have something to say after all!

    Ahhhh, seenos:

    "Personally, I like to read about how stupid Bush is, although I also like to change it up occasionally and read about pictures of someone shitting the golden arches of McDonald's.

    Any idea where I might find something that interesting?"

    Ouch - seems we have some good ol' right-wing blog elitism here. But thanks for summing up the essence of my blog - I envy your mastery of the American (English?) language. Please feel free to visit anytime you want.

    The thing is I like this blog and I do have many things in common with some of the people that read it - it's just that I have a view against some of the views expressed.

    It may be that English (American?) is not my first language and my use of it means that I am unable to fully express my views.

    smartballs - SICH HEIL! SICH HEIL! SICH HEIL! I'm sorry to offend you as the citizen of such a Good Clean Country where Freedom of Expression is a right...

    But forget it, I have no point that I can express anymore. I mean I never had a point. That was the point. So you see smartballs, there was no point, but it angered you so much that I bet you wanted to hold daddy's rifle again and blow a hole through my 'no point, anti-American' CPU.

    P.S. - If I have offended anyone then I apologise completely - that’s not my point and I would not have an interest in doing so.

    BTW, the stuff about changing the subject was more rhetorical than an actual 'demand' - I didn't really expect you start analysing the changing ethnicity of the US backed by Government White Papers, national statistics and a comment from your token Mexican friend...