Sunday, April 09, 2006

A Sequel to "American Idol" - With Music By Green Day!

After watching George Bush’s approval ratings continue to drop, even as the pundits keep suggesting that they can’t go any lower, I’m starting to view his presidency as a reality game show not unlike American Idol. As more and more people slowly realize the complete failure of Bush’s policies, and the lies that were used to promote them, the approval ratings continue to fall. Eventually, it seems, there will be a single person who is the last hold-out – the one person who still thinks that George W. Bush is a competent and conscientious leader who is making America better! That person should be crowned with the official title of “American Idiot!”

At this point, the approval ratings are still hovering around 36 percent, so there are lots of potential candidates for the title. I’m going to highlight just one of the leading contenders today. My intention is for this to be the first in a continuing series of posts highlighting individuals who show potential to end up being the last person in America to support George W. Bush. I will be referring to this series of posts as “American Idiot Watch.”

Now on to today’s candidate . . .

Last week was marked by a surprising and courageous act during one of President Bush’s “pep rallies,” when a man named Harry Taylor stood up and asked the President the very question on the minds of a great many Americans. In summary, it was a simple question, “Have you no shame, Mr President?” It was a great moment – so great that there is already a website designed to allow visitors to post a thank you note to Mr. Taylor.

Since there has been plenty of coverage of Harry Taylor’s question, I’m here to draw attention to the “co-star” of the videotape – the woman seated at the right of Mr. Taylor, whose expressions during his statement were of classic shock and outrage that anyone would have the nerve to question the President. At one point, she even tried to grab the microphone from Mr. Taylor to ask her own question, presumably one more in line with the script.

By her behavior in response to Harry Taylor’s statement, this unnamed woman seems like a definite contender to be the last American hold-out supporting George W. Bush as his approval ratings continue to drop, and thus she is our first finalist for the coveted title of American Idiot!


  1. Looks like the photo of the day below has a few contenders as well!

  2. I look forward to your next "American Idiot". Unfortunately there are still too many to choose from.