Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hey McClellan - Don't Let the Door Hit Ya!

Well it finally appears as if we won't have Scott McClellan to kick around anymore. I was going to write a post speculating on what he might do next until I ran across this diary on Huffington Post which said it perfectly. Here is the best section:

So get him while he's down! And cheap! Why not take poor Scott McClellan under your wing? Put him to work lying to your creditors. Or explaining to family members why you can't call them back. Or referring questions about the mysterious dent in your car to the mechanic who doesn't speak English. Your boss wants to know if you misappropriated petty cash? Sorry, can't comment on an on-going investigation. Your daughter wants to know why you lied about the tooth fairy? Scotty will direct those questions to the tooth fairy's office. There's nothing he can't not answer!

And think of all the experience he'll bring to the job! Who better to have on your side when things get rough? Your wife wants to know why there's lipstick on your collar? Scotty hasn't seen the shirt, he can't comment. And he would refer your wife to the Dry Cleaners. They're not open? Look, it's really not Scotty's problem, he needs to move on to the next question. And-- he will ask-- why is your wife trying to smear the hard working, patriotic Dry Cleaner? Has she no decency?

With Scottie gone Bush jumps to "number one" on the Top Liar in the Country List. Gee I wonder what George will be qualified to do once he is out of office?


  1. I think I would have extended the best section to include:

    So come on. Give the guy a break. Make Scott McClellan your bitch. And don't feel guilty about it. Clearly, he's a masochist willing to work long hours for demanding superiors; he will parrot the company line no matter how absurd; you can lie to his face and the guy will show up for work the next day, defending you against all comers. Talk about loyal.

  2. Yeah I like that section too. But I wanted to be fair and note repost the entire diary.

    Hopefully our readers will follow the link and read the whole thing.