Saturday, April 01, 2006

Another Kaloogian.

This photo was taken during Howard Kaloogian’s recent visit to the new Baghdad House of Wax, one of many new tourist attractions popping up all over Baghdad now that it is so calm and stable.

Just kidding! It’s actually my attempt at a “Kaloogian.” Yes, according to Wikipedia, “Kaloogian” was, for a time, listed as a noun used to describe the act of posting a false image to deceive viewers into believing a phony premise. Although it has now been removed, I think the phrase has a chance to stick. For example, “If you are going to commit a Kaloogian, you had better realize that you are hunting with Cheney!

Actually, in my humble opinion, “Kaloogian” is better used as a verb, as in “The former State Assemblyman Kaloogianed some of his more gullible supporters into believing that State Senator Tom McClintock supports his candidacy for the U.S. House of Representatives!”

It also seems better used as an adjective, as in “President Bush’s decision to display a ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner during his aircraft carrier photo op was a Kaloogian mistake!”

No matter how it is used in the future, after the events of this last week, the term “Kaloogian” will be reminiscent of much more than simply a guy clearing his throat!

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  1. smartballs10:41 AM

    seenos -I have been a lurker on this blog for a while now. I always look forward to a new post from you -you are funny, clever and really smart! Keep on writing -you make me think, laugh and, occasionally, even bring tears to my eyes...