Sunday, April 02, 2006

Why I Blog

When I started writing for this blog about 6 months ago, it was basically a lark – an experiment to see if I could muster up something that I wanted to say, with enough passion to take the time to write it down. I had been an occasional writer of letters to my local newspaper, but usually about sports or local politics when something really got under my skin. This time, while there was a lot under my skin, I wasn’t fully aware of it all, and was not sure if I could sustain a continuous flow of ideas. I was wrong. The ideas were there, but I needed something else to inspire me to write them down, and to really care that I was expressing them in more than just a random stream of disjointed thoughts.

That something is a person - my partner of over 10 years, who I will refer to here as T. Although T. is not a writer, T. is a deeply emotional thinker – an unusual way to describe someone, but in this case it fits. T. frequently expresses strong ideas, thoughts and feelings about a wide range of topics, many of them political. Because of her infectious desire to share her views, formed while growing up in a much different culture than the one I’ve experienced in my life, I am frequently encouraged to view American culture and politics as a more objective and detached observer that I could possibly imagine on my own. I am continuously inspired to find ways to express those views, often shared views from our discussions, in my writings for Left-Over.

T’s influence is a strong and important part of my life, and my blogging. Without it, I would not be the person I am. Although I don’t often take the time to thank her for inspiring me in so many ways, I would like to do so now.

(the graphic is of a favorite vacation spot in the town of Rovenska, on the Island of Losinj, Croatia, where some of our most enjoyable conversations have taken place)


  1. aaaaahhhhhhhhhh - how sweet!

    A small droplet of mammalian sodium chloride is currently being constructed in the corner of my eye, placing a haze of left-wing tree love over my aqueous humor.

    Now SHUT THE HELL UP and start this Goddamn revolution. Help the rest of us deconstruct the filth of Anglo-Saxon cancer (a.k.a USA).


    P.S. - puppies & marigolds & sunshine & orange jelly etc.

  2. smartballs10:50 AM

    Retardo -I can't figure out your alias. Are you really retarded, or is there some deeper meaning to your screen name? Either way, I can't help but feel sorry for you -you seem like such a bitter and unhappy person.

  3. smartballs - please go back to your white flight suburb and sip Califonian wine with your pretend left-wing buddies whilst working as corpo-bitches and paying your Republican tax dollars.

    I am not bitter or unhappy - I am on a level above your hypocritical comments.

    BTW - is your alias a satirical comment on the degraded nature of the American Middle class? or are you just 'smartballs' hohoho?

  4. Giraffe5:59 PM

    I have been reading this blog for awhile now, and would like to put out an observation.

    We used to have Anon Con always coming in. Since we discovered he is in the military, he has not said a word. I'm worried, he may have been sent to Iraq.

    But now we have retardo. He's really very upset about everything said here. Does he know if Anon Con has been sent to IRAq? Just an observation!

    seenos, that's a lovely photo. It's nice to read of your relationship with T. Everybody should be so lucky.

  5. With the recent tragedy with my friend - I too have taken stock in just how lucky I am to have a wonderful wife and two great boys and a supportive, progressive extended family.

    Thanks for sharing. I hope T. gets to read your post.

  6. giraffe - sorry, are you implying that I may be in the US military or something? I'm not too sure, please elaborate. (Great observation btw! Well done!)

    As for me being upset about everything, should I be happy about anything?

    I find it so sad that what I am trying to say is that the USA is messed up country but Americans have had it knocked into them (regardless of different persuasions) that that cannot possibly be true!

    My main point is that there is no such thing as a left-wing American - it is a contradiction in terms. Your history and current situation tells us so.

    So please will all white middle-class US citizens please stop pretending to be against the Iraq war, anti-gay sentiment, KKK etc. You are really insulting the intelligence of the rest of the world (yes, believe it or not, the rest of us have intelligence! from the gooks to the towel heads!).

  7. Giraffe9:11 AM

    retardo bot, I was not seriously implying that you are in the military. Just wondering if you had any connection to Anon Con, since you spoke when he stopped.

    This blog has dedicated itself to pointing out the flaws in our present administration, and does not pretend to do otherwise. It does in no way indict the American people, but makes brilliant, detailed explanations from facts gathered to support discoveries.

    I'm sorry that you dislike the American people so much, but that is your problem.

    We are who we are and blogging is
    one of the highest expressions of who we are in a democracy, in my opinion.

    Words are real and powerful. Blogging is not a passive reaction to life, nor is it a dishonest participation in events.

  8. 1. I don't dislike Americans at all and I find it insulting that you could make that comment on such a 'democratic' blog. I wish no harm on Americans; in fact I have family from there.

    America is the concept I detest - built on the foundations of slavery and prejudice yet feels the need to promote 'democracy'. And Sir/Madam, you are one of the brainwashed who “live in a land of the free - free from pot-bellied famine and AIDS" etc.

    2. Its just frustrating that people from the same DNA construction as others of the human species act like demigods. This is not your fault - you have had this drummed into you from day 1.

    3. Democracy! Your government is a bureaucratic shambles, lead by Republicans, filled with corruption on a scale far greater than small countries.

    Please don't blame the 'administration' - in a democracy, the leadership (another contradiction in terms) is chosen by the people as a representation of themselves. So where does this leave democracy - yes, that's right, a failure!

    Please don't hide behind the word 'democracy'. It is a concept that has never really worked and I just wonder if we could reconstruct USA and the rest of the world again, would we still use democracy?

    4. Words are powerful in what sense? They are only useful in adapting minds to a situation after it has occurred.

    Only action can change things before they occur.

    5. I am definitely not this Con An person that you speak of.

  9. Giraffe10:49 AM

    I agree with some parts of what you say. Peace Be With You!

  10. I've been to the islands while covering the war a Serb, traveling in Croatia/Bosnia presented some touchy situations, but I still have family in all three countries.