Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Was This Dick Cheney's Last Throe?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Dick Cheney has long been on the slippery slope toward becoming one of most reviled men in American history. If there was ever a guy who could be shipped off to The Hague to stand trial as a war criminal - with few supporters bothering to protest - this is the guy!

So why did he put himself in the awkward situation of throwing out the first pitch before a relatively hostile audience at today’s Washington Nationals game?  I mean - when the Vice President gets booed by a bunch of Budweiser drinkin’, hot dog eatin’, Chevy drivin’ fans of “America’s favorite pastime,” he’s really hit rock bottom!  Sure, there were some people cheering too, but I’d guess those folks merely fell into the familiar sporting event trance that causes them to mindlessly cheer for things like “Dot Racing” or “Three-Cap” Monte on the Jumbotron!

Cheney is a pariah and he’s got no business expecting a warm welcome from any audience that isn’t screened at the door by Republican Party operatives wielding sodium pentothal syringes.

But hey – in Dick Cheney World, he probably already remembers the game as one where he was greeted with flowers as a liberator!

1 comment:

  1. I just watched the clip. My favorite part is his little wave at the end as he walks off the field.

    These guys are oblivious to the disgust we have for them.

    He can't invade a baseball stadium in his own town and be welcomed. Yet thinks bombed out foreign nations will great us with flowers. Its pathetic.

    Nice giant bullet proof vest under that Nationals Jacket Mr. Cheney! Its not needed because you weren't carrying a gun.