Friday, November 18, 2005

Hey Cheney, Fitzgerald is Playing You Like He's Yo Ma Ma!

Despite all of the wild speculation about the identity of Bob Woodward’s source, and the rampant spin about how the new information casts doubt on Patrick Fitzgerald’s case against Scooter Libby, the bottom line is that Fitzgerald appears to be playing these guys like a stringed instrument!

John Dean has commented at length on how unusual it was that Fitzgerald chose to include details in his indictment that were beyond what was necessary for the charges against Libby. Although Fitzgerald made a point of leaving out the names of other officials who were not being charged, he specifically made it clear that Libby discussed Plame’s identity with the Vice President on June 12, 2003.

In his press conference, Fitzgerald described Libby’s actions as the equivalent of throwing dust in the umpire’s eyes so he couldn’t see what really happened. He had no choice but to charge the guy who threw the dust. But he also kept the investigation open and kept accumulating information while the dust was settling.

He knew that if he threw Libby in the crock-pot and spiced up the indictment with additional details about the rest of the players, he could sit back and let them all stew in their own juices. He knew that eventually more information would bubble up to the surface. He also knew that the threat of a Libby trial could open the floodgates to a whole lot more information, given the opportunity to examine Dick Cheney under oath.

And it worked perfectly! Now sources are coming to him, actually claiming to be the first leaker! People are so worried about what he saw through the dust that they are gift-wrapping reasons to open a new Grand Jury which will allow him to continue to find out what really happened. And all this while Libby is still stewing over throwing the dust!

Although we are still wondering, Fitzgerald knows who Woodward’s source is! In fact, he might well have known a long time ago! He might even have other evidence, or even a witness or two lined up to testify against that source. But he might have held off indicting that source because he was trying to use the indictment of Libby to get even more evidence to strengthen his case! Or to strengthen a case against someone else - perhaps someone who was coordinating multiple leakers!

The noose is tightening around somebody, and all indications point to that somebody being none other than Vice President (of Torture) Dick Cheney!

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