Sunday, November 20, 2005

Cut and Run For Re-election

With all the debate the last couple of days about whether or not we should pull our troops out of Iraq - one thing seems perfectly clear. We will begin a withdrawal in early 2006.

Congressman Jack Murtha's resolution to re-deploy our troops in the region angered the attack dogs on the right. Rather than debate the issue in a responsible way, Republican Duncan Hunter and his minions decided to offer their own resolution calling for immediate withdrawal. The debate that ensued was a spectacle to see, Murtha stating facts - drawing on his 30 years of military experience, then reading heart-felt letters from soldiers and their families. He was followed by every republican in the house who has ever had anything to do with military service - shouting "stay the course"- "we don't cut and run"- "this just hurts our troops" and the remarks from the "gentlewoman" from Ohio (see seenos post below).

No you idiots .......I think what hurts our troops is being blown to bits by car bombs!

Anyway, it went back and forth for hours, all about a resolution that Hunter wanted everyone to vote no on. What a colossal waste if time. Do they really think that we don't see what is going on. There is now a spotlight on everything they do, and the only things that distracts from it are the other massive scandals running rampant through this administration.

What this really is all about is that the republicans want all the credit when we finally do "Cut and Run". Which will begin in early 2006 to be completed right before the mid-term elections. That is the course we are staying and the real cowards are the House members up for re-election who are more worried about their campaigns than the troops who have already sacrificed enough.

The only way to support the troops is to get them out of harms way as soon as possible.

photo by left-over


  1. I think you meant "He was followed by every Republican in the house who has never had anything to do with military service"

    When they do decide to cut and run in 2006, I will only have two words to say: "Flippety Floppity!"

    Actually, the Dems can just point out how many more soldiers died since they suggested withdrawing the troops.

  2. left-over9:41 PM

    No thats what I meant. I watched the whole thing on C-Span and the only repubs who got to speak were ones with some sort of military record. I guess the chickenhawk label gets to them.

    They are Chicken hawks with rabbit ears!

  3. Anonymous8:30 AM

    I'm listening to Cheney tell the American people exactly what the terrorists are planning. The American people can't even find out what our government is planning. Is Cheney sitting in with the terrorists? He is so informed on what they are doing. The nerve of him. He is so paranoid that he is really dangerous. I wish Fizgerald could get him now. These guys are so destructive to our nation that we need action to get them out.
    I know you will both write something on this. I shall look forward to reading both of your takes on it.