Thursday, November 10, 2005

Danger: Inflate the Bubble!

With a category 5 shitstorm pounding the Vice President’s office, it seems the operative spin right now involves protecting President Bubble Boy at all costs. I keep hearing various pundits saying that “the President is trying to distance himself from Dick Cheney” or “Does the President still trust Dick Cheney?” All designed to increase the zone of safety around the President.

However, these statements and questions are really pretty ridiculous – kind of like talking about a car trying to distance itself from its driver! Or asking the question: Does your SUV still trust you? They assume that George Bush is more than an object, a prop, a tool, being used by Dick Cheney to move where he wants to go on the road map to global domination of oil resources.

Remember, Cheney chose himself to become the Vice Presidential candidate in the first place, latching his fortunes to a man with much more appeal to a targeted base of voters than he could ever muster, but who isn't bright enough or inquisitive enough to get in the way as Cheney makes the real decisions behind the scenes. Cheney used Bush to be the front man, the vehicle, while he navigated the U.S. into the war he wanted.

Asking if Bush still trusts Cheney is a meaningless question. The more relevant questions to be asking are:

Should Dick Cheney be allowed to continue to have a drivers’ license?


Isn’t it time to crush George Bush into a little cube and deposit him in a landfill?

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