Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Release the PDBs . . . Or Release the Hounds!

With the Bush Administration continually saying that Democrats who voted for the war in Iraq “had the same intelligence we did,” this story by Murray Waas threatens to blow their argument out of the water.

If the President really received a PDB 10 days after 9/11 that said there was no connection between Al Qaeda and Iraq, then Froomkin has it right when he says:

At what point does the mainstream media stop spending so much time covering the inside-the-Beltway rhetorical hairsplitting over whether the public has been intentionally misled -- and concentrate instead on the essential W's of reporting: who, what, where, when and why?
Of course, the Bush Administration is refusing the release the PDBs, for reasons of “national security!” But now even prominent Republicans are starting to come around to the fact that it is a major national security hazard to have a President and Vice President who are compulsive liars!

Congress needs to demand that the PDBs be released to them immediately, or everyone – the American people, Congressional Democrats, the media, and even the rest of the World’s leaders need to start demanding that Bush resign!


  1. left-over10:32 PM

    National security. It is a matter of the presidents security. If they release them he's cooked.

    I think we should get the phrase "compulsive liars" into the Dems talking points.

  2. Giraffe2:55 PM

    I agree. They wouldn't know the truth, if it hit them in the face.