Thursday, November 03, 2005

Schwarzenegger: Two Thumbs Way Down

The most recent polls show that Arnold's reform measures on the ballot in next weeks special election are trailing by significant margins. There was never an outcry from the people of Cali-forn-eeya for any of these initiatives in the first place. The entire campaign is like a publicity tour for a bad Arnold action flick. You know the ones - where the ad in the paper instead of quotes by Ebert and Roeper with two thumbs up, has a list of bizarre adjectives like "stupendous, fantabulous, and supercalifragalisticexpealodocious" attributed to some guy from a publication that doesn't exist. It may look impressive but it rarely tricks the movie goers into spending the ten bucks.

The other big difference is that when you are promoting a bad movie there isn't a well-funded opposition of citizens against you. You know - the same citizens that Arnold said he was coming to Sacramento to represent.

Schwarzenegger is clearly out of his league here and somewhat delusional. He is quoted today in the LA Times telling reporters that he could have put "15 more ideas" on the ballot and he intends to in the future. He has also promised to "finish the job" in a second term as govenor.

My prediction - his initiatives all go down to defeat on November 8 and Arnold finally reads his reviews and cancels the production of the sequel.

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  1. Good Call!

    The best case scenario is that Arnold sucks enough naive Ohio voters to support a redistricting measure where it will help the Dems, and then his initiative in California gets stomped!