Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Its All in the Timing!

After five years of being bullied by the Bush administration and the Republicans, Harry Reid didn’t just grow a spine today, he filleted Bill Frist and took his!

After making Frist huff and puff about the minority democrats hijacking the Senate, Reid promptly took Frist’s “majority” Republicans into a closed session and forced them to agree to follow through with their long stonewalled investigation into phony Iraq intelligence.

Reid was able to pull off this new show of strength because, with the indictments of Tom Delay, Tom Noe, Scooter Libby, and an ongoing SEC investigation of Frist himself, everyone in America knows that the current Republicans in power are a bunch of corrupt, thieving liars.

Although plenty of liberals have known this from the day Bush was “awarded” the presidency by the Supreme Court, it seems clear that even conservatives are at least hinting that they recognize it, even as they try to keep up their habitual attacks and smokescreens.

Take today’s article by NYT columnist, David Brooks, who negates a lengthy column entitled “The Prosecutor’s Diagnosis: No Cancer Found,” in which he tries to make the best case for the Bush administration, with the closing paragraph:

On Friday, we saw a man, Patrick Fitzgerald, who seemed like an honest and credible public servant. What an unusual sight that was.
Unusual, indeed, when Republicans are running all three branches of government!

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  1. Very well said. I loved seeing Reid's genuine outrage. Maybe he was playing this like a good coach who knows that if he yells all the time the players will just tune him out. With this he certainly picked his spot for maximum effect.

    He's got our attention now.