Monday, November 07, 2005

Arnold's "New Role" - Humble Servant

Since Arnold was elected Governor of California he has strutted around the country portraying himself as the people's Governor while spending most of his time raising money and rubbing elbows with conservative special interest groups. His media and public events are tightly controlled right down to the angle with which the news cameras can shoot him. At a Bay Area photo-op last summer a television photographer was roughed up the governor's security team when he tried to videotape from an unauthorized angle.

Even with these extreme attempts to control his image - Arnold's popularity has plunged from 61% in November of 2004 to 33% today on the eve of his Special Election. A special election that is costing the tax payers 50 million dollars at a time wheN the state coffers are already empty. As I blogged previously the polls show most likely all of his initiatives will go down to defeat. Arnold's massive media blitz out done by a more massive demonstration by the working people of California.

Today's article in the New York Times paints a vivid picture of what Schwarzenegger is faced with. This weekend in a desperate move to try and recast himself as a humble and sensitive leader - just doing the best he can. His new talking point is,

"I've had a lot to learn, and sometimes I learned the hard way. But my heart is in this, and I want to do right by you."

Fortunately I think the voters of California now see Arnold for what he his - a "B" Action Hero - not a Leading Man - and most definitely not a Governor.

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