Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Nice Strategy Mr Bush!

Albert Einstein once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

Is there any doubt, based on Einstein’s definition, that our President is insane? There are lots of examples that I could use to demonstrate, but I will focus today on just one - his speeches. Whenever the President gives a speech where he must project an idea of events that is the exact mirror image of reality, he seems to feel that his presentation will be accepted as truth, as long as he has a bold slogan as his backdrop.

The first time this approach became obvious was this one:

However, with all of the criticism Bush took for displaying a “Mission Accomplished” banner well before thousands of additional troops were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, he was right back at it last Friday, as he tried to convince the American people that he had a “Strategy for Victory!”

Sure, he used the word “strategy” a couple of times in the speech, even providing a list of five components. But what was the first item on his list? “We’re determined to prevent attacks of the terrorist networks before they occur.” Wow! A less confident President would probably settle for trying to prevent the ones that already happened! Nice strategy, Mr. Bush!

He continued: “We are reorganizing our government to give this nation a broad and coordinated homeland defense.” If the world changed on September the 11th, 2001, why is he reorganizing now? After over 4 years, did he finally realize that color coding alerts and keeping butane lighters off of airplanes wasn’t enough? Did he finally realize a government run by Chertoffs and Brownies wasn't capable of getting the job done? Nice strategy, Mr. Bush!

The next two components of his strategy involve denying weapons of mass destruction and the ability to support terrorists, to “outlaw regimes.” The last one is to deny future recruits “by replacing hatred and resentment with democracy.” In the meantime, we are out there torturing people in secret prisons, and threatening them with our vast arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. In other words, we’re basically behaving like an “outlaw regime,” and giving the world new reasons to hate and resent American democracy! Nice strategy, Mr. Bush!

He sums up his “strategy for victory” with this statement: “Our strategy is to clear, hold, and build. We’re working to clear areas from terrorist control, to hold those areas securely, and to build lasting, democratic Iraqi institutions.”

Clear, hold, and build! Sounds nice, clean and focused (in a Rainman sort of way!) However, a more realistic explanation for this statement is that they simply stole it from their more carefully thought out strategy, and plugged in Iraq for America.

Clear, hold, and build! Our strategy is to clear out our political opponents with personal attacks and smear campaigns, hold on to power with dirty tricks, money laundering schemes and rigged elections, and build the personal wealth of ourselves and all our friends and cronies!

Now, there's the real strategy! But it appears that the media and the American people are finally catching on, so perhaps this strategy won't become a mission accomplished, and he will someday be giving a speech that looks like this:

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  1. left-over8:46 AM

    I can't help but feel sorry for those service men and women who are forced to stand behind him while he delivers these speeches. Talk about commiting torture.

    I bet their training didn't prepare them for that.