Wednesday, November 02, 2005

You say “Scalito” and I say “Thomato!”

How ironic to see this photo of right wing Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito at the memorial service for Rosa Parks, as if the civil rights of black people (or anyone else, for that matter) are vitally important to him! You would think that someone who looks so reverent at this moment would care deeply about civil rights. So might you think this about someone who looks so black as Clarence Thomas.

Maybe Alito is not just another clone of Antonin Scalia, as has been reported. Maybe, he's just as much like Clarence Thomas. Perhaps in addition to Roe v. Wade, the Democrats should include a few questions in the confirmation hearings that will elicit his judicial philosophy on the case of Pubic Hair v. Coke Can!

Speaking of race issues, isn’t it amazing how within hours of Alito being nominated to the Supreme Court, rumors started flying about how the Democrats were distributing a set of talking points implying that, somehow, they were prejudiced against Italian-American culture? And then we find that they actually don't mention anything about ethnicity, but only that Alito lost a critical case against the mafia. What a stupid, feeble attempt to extend the phony culture wars that have been a main strategy of a certain Official A for the last five years!

Democrats against Italian-Americans? Jeez! Next we’ll be seeing the release of some academic looking study showing that Republicans are statistically more likely to demonstrate their support of Italian-American culture by regular dinners at “The Olive Garden!”

Fortunately, not all Italian-Americans [Warning: Link contains language not suitable for small children] are taking the bait.

Sooner or later, Republicans are going to have to accept the fact that the “culture war” card has been marked, so no matter where it is in the deck, everyone can see it!

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