Saturday, November 26, 2005

Michael Brown's New Gig

Michael Brown has announced that he is starting a disaster preparedness consulting company. He wants to take what he has learned from his near criminal bungling of Katrina and use it for the greater good. Like a modern day Robin Hood stealing from the tax payers then giving back to corporate America.

Good for him!

As the saying goes - when you fall off that Arabian horse..........

I wonder who will be his first client? What organization can learn from Brownie's vast talents?

We now know that he is a "Fashion God" and a dog lover. He is good at planning dinner reservations and he never eats too fast. He also understands when it looks good to roll up your sleeves and appear to be hard working. But we can't overlook "Brownie's" biggest accomplishment. Of all the Bush administration officials who deserve it - Mr. Brown is the only one to actually get fired. I give him credit for this, because that truly is "hard work".

Good luck on your new endeavor Mr. Brown. May I suggest a company slogan.

"Brownie Consulting - A Disaster Waiting to Happen"

(Photo from FEMA)

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  1. Giraffe7:44 PM

    "Brownie Consulting - A Disaster Waiting To Happen". That's a good one.