Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Plan Of A Lack!

The most telling part of the National Strategy for Victory in Iraq? (courtesy of Steve Clemons at The Washington Note)

You don’t even have to open it, because it’s right there on the cover!

It’s dated November, 2005!

Bush has given us written proof that he led us into a war without a plan . . . and then hastily wrote one for a speech nearly three years, and over 2000 dead American soldiers and countless dead Iraqis, later! (Well, he didn’t write it – Karen Hughes probably wrote it, but that’s beside the point!)

I don’t have the stomach to read it all yet, but Think Progress has their analysis available here.

Update: To be fair, the document starts with a disclaimer indicating that it "articulates the broad strategy the President set forth in 2003." OK, so he had a "plan" . . . in his head . . . for three years . . . while people were dying . . . and he finally decided to write it down and share it with the troops . . . after Jack Murtha came up with a plan of his own! Sure, we believe you Mr. Bush!


  1. left-over9:07 AM

    Same old BS.

    The AP photo of the Navy kids asleep waiting for the speech is priceless.

    I think it is on the CNN cite

  2. left-over9:12 AM

    Here is a link. CNN took down the photo.

  3. BTW - Link not working.

  4. left-over1:39 PM

    I'll try the link again.

    democratic underground

  5. Third time is a charm!

    Are you sure the picture wasn't taken during the speech?

  6. Giraffe7:41 AM

    Nice public relations document. So patriotic looking. Don't you think? Thanks for showing it on the blog.