Thursday, December 01, 2005

Bush AWOL Again!

In another perfect example of how President Bush is out of touch and a pitiful leader - this month he was summoned to appear for jury duty in his home state of Texas. And, even though he just spent the Thanksgiving holiday at his Crawford ranch, the White house says that Bush never received the document and only heard about it from published "media reports". Scott McClellan in his press briefing today explained that Bush has "other commitements" and has requested that the judge let him serve at later date.

Can you see the pattern here?

Maybe the judge will let him serve on a Alabama jury instead. I hear the cases there are really easy and once you're on the jury you don't even have to show up at the trial.

Meanwhile, earlier this month decorated war hero Senator John Kerry honored his commitment as a U.S. citizen and performed his civic duty in his home state of Massachusetts. Kerry displayed his natural leadership abilities and was elected jury foreman leading his jury to an organized and efficient verdict.

Obviously, Mr. Kerry went into the jury room with a clear exit strategy.


  1. canuck12:52 PM

    Once again, a big "no-confidence" vote would do the trick.

  2. I agree. But those dam repubs control both houses.

    The Dems should line up and force a vote somehow.

    Or how about a press conference on the steps of the capitol with all of the dems in both houses.

    That would get some attention.

  3. Way to go! I'm glad to see the "Plan for Victory" pushed off the screen. I was getting tired of looking at it!

  4. Giraffe10:00 AM

    That's it a press conference of all democrats on the steps of the capitol. Who could organize that? Barbara Boxer maybe.

  5. That's about the extend of Kerry's leadership abilities.. No doubt we would have a hung jury. Sorry Guys.Bush is an Incompetent Boob/puppet and this republican class is by far the most corrupt and short sighted.. I hold no affiliation with any party.. but do hope that the dem get a focus, and a"plan for victory' to oust these neocons