Thursday, December 01, 2005

Thinking like the Enemy

After finally mustering the energy to read through the National Strategy For Victory In Iraq, I've concluded that it is essentially like reports I see every day in the business world. You know the ones I?m talking about. They are filled with tedious and repetitive B.S. designed induce potential readers to just go along with the recommendations rather than actually reading it! They leave you scratching your head, wondering about the difference between a "strategic objective" and a "strategic pillar." They are filled with platitudes and bullet points up the ying-yang. Reading this document, I kept waiting to find a section on “the seven habits of the highly effective President!”

And then I got to Page 7, which really threw me for a loop, as it described in great detail, “The Strategy of Our Enemies!” How the hell does the Bush Administration know the strategy of our enemies down to a bullet-pointed list? And as I started reading the list, it seemed eerily familiar. It got my “reporting juices” flowing, and I went into “aggressive reporting mode,” tracking down a copy of the original strategy bullet points, with corrections made for inclusion in the National Strategy For Victory In Iraq.

Here is a copy:

The Strategy of The Republican Party Our Enemies.

Our Party The enemy seeks to …

> Weaken the Democrats Coalition’s resolve, and their families’ our resolve at home, through barbaric smear campaigns mass-casualty attacks, public outing slaughter of personal information Iraqi civilians and hostages, infliction of political casualties among Democratic on Coalition forces, and use of the media to spread propaganda and intimidate adversaries.

> Destroy confidence in American democracy the Iraqi government by sabotaging key essential service (gasoline and natural gas) supplies(oil and electricity) nodes, and by derailing the political process through rigged elections.

> Damage trust in governmental agencies Iraqi Security Forces through propaganda, infiltration by party operatives and cronies, and barbaric neglect of attacks on the weak and the innocent.

> Sabotage American Iraqi unity through propaganda against the Shi’a majority who believe in a woman’s right to choose punctuated with other wedge issues attacks intended to spark cultural sectarian conflict and civil unrest war.

> Establish Dick Cheney’s bunker safe havens to plan attacks and conduct intimidation campaigns.

> Expand Tom Delay’s plan of redistricting the fight to California neighboring states and other states beyond.

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