Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Bush's Resignation?

Joe Conason has an interesting piece today in the New York Observer regarding impeachment. He concludes his article with this:

"If President Bush is totally unapologetic and says, "I continue to maintain that as a wartime President I can do anything I want "I don't need to consult any other branches," that is an impeachable offense. It's more dangerous than Clinton's lying under oath, because it jeopardizes our democratic dispensation and civil liberties for the ages. It would set a precedent that would lie around like a loaded gun, able to be used indefinitely for any future occupant."

There are politicians in both parties who know that Mr. Bush's trespasses cannot be allowed to stand. Only a bipartisan coalition can restrain and, if necessary, remove him. It is to be hoped that he steps back before such a struggle becomes inevitable.

Continuing this line of reasoning, I found this reference from a Peter Wallsten article discussing Nixon and the final days of "Watergate". It is very similar to what is going on now. Before reading this I must admit that I was not aware of George Senior's involvement.

As Republican Party chairman, George H.W. Bush flew across the country defending Nixon against the growing public sentiment that the president was not being truthful.
Taped conversations between Bush and Nixon reveal Bush's skepticism toward the news media. In one 1973 exchange, transcribed in Kutler's book, Bush assured Nixon the country was with him, "in spite of some of the crap you're reading."
In a July 1974 letter to his sons, Bush extolled Nixon's virtues and laid out his faults. But he kept returning to one conclusion: "I can understand the President's hostility towards press for they despise him," Bush wrote.

Bush later was among the first to tell Nixon he should resign.

I can't help but wonder if Bush Sr. will once again have to be the adult in the room.


  1. With as much emphasis as George Sr. places on the legacy of the Bush family, I doubt he'd be able to tell his son to resign. But, hell what do I know. Not 2 hours before Sen. Conyers introduced his censure bill, I predicted that calls for impeachment would come to nothing. Didn't think the Dems had the cojones.

  2. Not a chance...not for Shrubby.

  3. I know it is pretty remote. But you never know. Senior has got to be distressed by his son's actions.