Wednesday, December 21, 2005

An Open Letter to Members of the NRA.

I am writing this letter as a courtesy since many of you have been strong supporters of George W. Bush despite his apparent opposition to the civil liberties that are a cornerstone of your organization. Perhaps you did not notice that President Bush just admitted that he has authorized, and will continue to authorize, secret surveillance of United States citizens whose activities appear to him to contribute to a heightened level of threat.

These surreptitious surveillance methods have been employed against vegans and environmentalists, Quaker peace activists, and known international phone callers. Common sense suggests that it is only a matter of time before Mr. Bush extends his self-proclaimed authority to subvert the Constitution in the name of the “war on terror” to secret surveillance of gun owners like you.

Think about it! During the history of our country, we have had only one domestic incident of international terrorism despite the millions of tofu burgers consumed, and billions of bottles and cans recycled. But we have had a long history of gun-related violence. Which is more statistically significant as a predictor of potential threat to the country – gun ownership or international phone calling? You get the picture.

Mr. Bush’s current determination and insistance on unfettered ability to conduct surveillance on anyone he feels is in any way dangerous seems quite likely to end up focusing on people who own guns.

So what can you do to stop him? I am suggesting that, for your own benefit, you call or write to your elected members of Congress to demand a full investigation of the Bush administration’s use of secret domestic surveillance, and request a resolution defining the extent of presidential powers.

Do not wait for the NSA or the FBI to come digging through your underwear drawer looking for firearms or ammunition. Call or write today to demand a full investigation!

Yours truly,



  1. I have met some pretty shady vegans in my day.

    Just try to take the tofu from there cold dead hands.

  2. Brilliantly reasoned!

  3. lol, What a great angle on this whole thing. Gun owners are so fiesty when aroused.

  4. Just tryin' to get as many people as possible on our side of this issue!

  5. Just proof that we are can be bi-partisan when we need to be here at left-over.

    I loved the Repubs coming out yesterday to act like they won by passing one of the three bills they wanted.

    They're the majority and 1 out of 3 is only good in baseball.

  6. It's more than surveillannce. Under the powers Bush has claimed, he could take their guns,(already broken the fourth, why not the second amendment) freeze their assets, or detain them indefinitely.

    And, that Charlton Heston "cold dead fingers" line got creepier and creepier as he got older.

    Also, I reciprocated and dropped a link back to you.