Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Not Making the Grade!

Now that The 9/11 Commission has issued its report card, in which the President and Congress received a total of 12 D’s and 5 F’s in various aspects of protecting America’s security, I have to look back at the last 4 years and wonder what in the hell the Republicans have been doing. Well, “wonder” isn’t exactly the right word because I’ve seen what they’ve been doing. Perhaps, “seethe” is more like it!

Bush and the Republican-led Congress have wielded 9/11 like a shield, using it to deflect any criticism for not doing any of the other things they would normally be expected to do!

Reduce the federal deficit? We can’t – we’ve got to fight the war on terror!

Health care reform? Nope. Fightin’ the war on terror!

Disaster preparedness? Nope. War on terror! War on terror! War on terror!

It’s like the kid who is asked by his parents if he cleaned his room and who says, “I can’t because I’ve got too much homework!” When asked if he mowed the lawn, he says, “I can’t because I’ve got too much homework!” Did he take out the garbage? “Can’t. Too much homework!”

And then, at the end of the year the kid flunks all his classes because he didn’t do his homework!

Perhaps Bush thinks that by failing to do his homework, he will be held back to serve another term as President.

Nope! He and the rest of the Republicans currently running the Congress are going to be expelled from school and end up working at McDonald’s or living off of their parents!

That is, if we can take away all their ill-gotten gains like we did with the Dukester!

Graphic by Monk at Inflatable Dartboard.

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  1. Bush's biggest accomplishment as president is that he has managed to clear alot of brush on his ranch.

    I'll give him a C+ in brush clearing.