Saturday, December 17, 2005

King George the Almighty

Some initial thoughts about Bush's secret executive order to allow spying on U.S. citizens. This will be the straw that breaks the President's back. He admitted this morning that he has signed off on this more 30 times since 9/11. There is no way that he can blame this one on others. It is a clear abuse of Presidential power. I think congressional leaders will have to take a stand on this one. Bush basically spit in their face, subverted their oversight, and now is trying to say that some of them knew about the policy and thus approved it.

In his address this morning, Bush seemed more upset that the news of this policy was leaked to the press than concerned about whether or not he had subverted the Constitution. Oh, now he is suddenly worried about the leaking of classified information. For three years, the White House has acted as if the outing of a CIA operative did not hurt U.S. interests at all. F---ing hypocrites!

Bush finished his talk this morning proclaiming that he will continue this spying policy as long as he is President. He said it in a way that made me think he now understands that this might not be for much longer.

Let the hearings begin!

The Washington Post has a the story here and Firedoglake has a great diary here.


  1. Looks like the Democrats can all start taking out their forks, because Bush appears about done!

  2. The sucker's on the ropes. I wish this was the election year! It will be interesting to see how the congressional races go. Will the GOP candidates try distance themselves from Shrub?