Thursday, December 08, 2005

Stupid and Stupider

Yesterday George Bush made the second tour-stop on his new "Strategy for Victory Tour". Unlike his previous audiences this one was not present under orders by their commanding officers. The speech was given in front of some 300 members of the Council on Foreign Relations - a bi-partisan think tank. In other words, people with foreign policy expertise that understand what a gigantic mess we are in. Needless to say George didn't receive applause whenever he talked tough. Bush appeared stunned as the audience remained mostly silent, even as he delivered the lines with bravado and an erect posture. He even tried to talk slow and pronounce every syllable. None of it worked. I almost felt sorry for him.

After this performance, I can't help but wonder where they are going to find the next audience. How do they go about vetting these groups? Bush has already appeared in front of just about every military unit in the country that isn't deployed and the last time he tried to talk with the troops in Iraq - well lets just say it didn't go so well.

Then I realized that yesterday Ann Coulter revealed what I can only assume will be the new republican "Strategy for Audience Selection". Speaking to students at the University of Connecticut, Coulter was booed mercilessly and had to cut her talk short. Having learned from this experience she accidentally revealed the new strategy when she proclaimed - that she loves speaking to audiences who are stupider than she is.

Good luck finding one George!


  1. His next speech is now being scheduled to take place at the San Diego Zoo!

  2. Giraffe5:52 PM

    Poor George. He's only doing what he's told.

  3. Giraffe6:53 AM

    How is the Bush rating going up? I don't believe it. Or people are stupid and stupider.