Monday, April 03, 2006

Photo of the Day - From One Loser to Another

I think this photo op was designed to show that Bush isn't only partial to Christians.

He was facinated by this player - because his full name is Angel Pagan.

Insert George's stupid laugh here.


  1. Just wondering how many people that write/view this blog are Democrat voters?

    Now, people may know this already but it was actually Democrats that upheld slavery and segregation.

    (Economist March 25th 2006, " (Black Republicans) Are there any?")

    Yet another example of Americas twisted past (and we're not talking ancient history here), yet people will still blindly follow. Unbelievable!

  2. Retardo what perfect government do you live under?

    None of us claim that our Democracy is perfect. That is why we blog.

    Some of it is very good. Some is not - especially under the current administration.

    By the way the Democrats that tried to uphold slavery were called Dixiecrats from the southern states. They were nothing like the Democrats that we back here at Left-Over - for example Russ Feingold.

    We cannot change the past - but we can affect the future.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. Left-over, I sensed a lot of annoyance in your last comment. Still, I agree that the past cannot be changed and that only the future can be affected.

    However, USA will be stuck in its current state unless the past is sorted out and accounted for properly. You cannot continue with the future if you are a like a convict that has never been punished. It is just not possible.

    It's like passing on an inherited disease to your childran. You wouldn't do that, so why let your country remain as such. You must wipe the slate clean completely before carrying on.

    America must fall and be reconstructed by it's citiznes (with whom I have some confidence in).

    I mean 2,000 years I can understand, but 200 years means only a few generations. Your grand-father probably whipped some slaves in his time. Maybe.

    As for myself, I live in a state of ascending enlightnment - I am on only on level 2 of infinity at the moment, but I'm working on it.

    I prescribe to no governemnt at all - let alone a 'perfect' government. I always felt that Communism was our best bet to save humanity, but unfortunately our minds are so warped by capitalism that it always fails.

    Do you really think Democracy is even a good idea - not in theory, but in reality and in action? turnout rates are so low, you will never really get YOUR point of view across, the administration is filled with the elite - surly we can think of something else for ourselves as citiznes of the world.

    I am currently looking at different mechanisms; but histry has shown that all are depleted in the end.

    In my opinion, a state of anarchy may make an interesting short-term change in the USA.

    P.S. - What is your perfect political party? Is it really the Democrats or do you just want the Republicans out of power? Thats where democracy fails - you only vote for the thing that is half as close to your views or half as different as the ones you dislike.

  4. Oh, almost forgot, I liked the blog entry by the way.

    Thats enough praise for today.

  5. Rotardo I think we probably agree more than we disagree.

    There is no perfect party or perfect government. I make no claim to have all the anwers.

    I think capitalism can only work long term if it is heavily regulated. Deregulation has lead us to this corportate mess that will take decades to harness.

    Thanks for the praise.

    I would be interested in reading more of your observations and suggestions for our country. It is always interesting to get the view from outside our borders.

    If you would like to write something for the blog - post it as a comment and I will post it on the front page - As long as it is well thought out like your last few comments.

    This offer goes to any commentor with something of substance to say.*

    *I reserve the right to revoke this offer at any time.

  6. What was wrong with my comments on the Dixie Chicks - they, how you say Yankee, "SUCK!". That was a well thought out argument I made against them and I cannot understand how people like them for their 'political views'. In fact it wasn't an arugment, more a statement of fact I made.

    Anyways, I will keep terrorising your comments area until I get through to some more intelligent life forms such as yourself.

    I will continue to pave the comments with views that are deeper than mass graves in Iraq.

    Now if you don't mind, all this digital mutual appreciation is getting nauseating...

  7. If he was that excited to meet Angel Pagan, just think how he would be if he ever had the chance to meet both hockey player, Miroslav Satan, and basketball player, God Shammgod?