Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Abramoff Plays to Win

The Abramoff scandal is breaking all over the "internets" this morning. An upcoming Vanity Fair Article is appearing in excerpts all over the place - and there is some juicy stuff. Here is my favorite passage so far:
Newt Gingrich, whose spokesman Rick Tyler tells Margolick that "Before [Abramoff's] picture appeared on TV and in the newspapers, Newt wouldn't have known him if he fell across him. He hadn't seen him in 10 years." A rankled Abramoff says "I have more pictures of [Newt] than I have of my wife." Abramoff shows Margolick numerous photographs: "Here's Newt. Newt. Newt. Newt. More Newt. Newt with Grover [Norquist, the Washington conservative Republican Über-strategist and longtime Abramoff friend] this time. But Newt never met me. Ollie North. Newt. Can't be Newt ... he never met me. Oh, Newt! What's he doing there? Must be a Newt look-alike.... Newt again! It's sick! I thought he never met me
There is more here, here and here.


  1. I just printed out the article (link to PDF on Think Progress) which I will be reading on my commute home today.

    Hope the other bus riders aren't too annoyed by my frequent bursts of laughing out loud!

  2. Great. I look for a longer post from you tonight or tomorrow.

  3. After twelve years of brazen comments, it's nice to see Newt knocked down a notch or two. I laughed every time I saw a article in the last six months when he conned some reporter into writng a article about how he was going to reform Washngton. Newt recruited a whole generation of Republicans who were blindly loyal to the Republican leadership which included guys like DeLay and others who were not acting in the public's best interests.

  4. Lost Wages Joe3:40 PM

    And another one just bit the dust; Gale Norton resigned from her Secretary of the Interior post today (effective the end of the month). Abramoff pretty much owned the Interior Dept., which oversees the Department of Indian Affairs. Apparently Jack's clients donated generously to a PAC founded by Ms. Norton. Hopefully this is a precursor to her joining the Republican perp-walk parade.