Tuesday, March 28, 2006

President Dis-Cards Chief of Staff

Although billed as an “accepted resignation,” Andrew Card’s departure as White House Chief of Staff is clearly George Bush’s decision. He wouldn’t let Rumsfeld resign – twice - so it seems likely that Card is being jettisoned for a reason, and it’s probably only a matter of time before the rest of the dominos start to fall. History suggests they will topple like this:

Card is identified as the fall guy for something Bush wants to disassociate himself from – a new Plame indictment, the Dubai ports fiasco, Katrina, or the recently rediscovered Downing Street Minutes, perhaps? In fact, Card will probably leave with as much blame as can be heaped on his back before he rides off into the sunset!

Eventually, Card is given a medal of honor.

Finally, Card is rewarded with a lucrative career as a lobbyist (his only option, since he’s already admitted that he isn’t smart enough to work in a “think tank!”)

By the way, as an aside, with the selection of replacement Josh Bolten, is it possible that Bush is trying to soften his image with fans of The West Wing by choosing a new Chief of Staff whose name has the same ring as Josh Lyman, and whose bookish spectacles and neatly parted hair are reminiscent of Will Bailey?

Probably not!

Will the change have any real impact on Bush’s plummeting approval ratings?

Again, probably not!

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