Thursday, March 16, 2006

Another Feingold Watch

In case you missed it. Here is a link to the transcript of Senator Feingold's press conference Wednesday regarding his resolution to censure President Bush.

His arguments are well thought out and clear. It is almost shocking to see from a national politician in our current "Culture of Corruption".

Feingold: "...And if the right wing really believes in this country that --Rush Limbaugh and others -- that they can somehow turn the president's reputation around by saying, "You're darn right he violated the law, and it's a good thing," I think they're just as confused as they are about their Iraq politics. People aren't buying it anymore.

So not only do I not regret it, I felt an absolute obligation to do it."

Censure appears to be picking up steam as a new poll shows that 46% of Americans are in favor while 44% are against.


  1. Giraffe6:28 AM

    Thanks for including the link. I didn't get to hear the whole speech. I called Feinstein and Boxer's office. Hope others will call as well. Keep it alive any way we can. E-mail all Democrats and progressive Republicans.

  2. Sorry to push this down so fast, but I was having all kinds of problems getting the above post published last night! When I tried again this morning, it worked fine. go figure!