Thursday, March 02, 2006

Feingold Watch - With Update!

At Left-Over we continue to appreciate Senator Russ Feingold D-Wis. See earlier posts here and here.

On Tuesday Senator Feingold continued his one man crusade to save the U.S. Constitution proving once again that he will stick to his beliefs even if they seem unpopular. On the floor of the Senate yesterday he attempted a one-man filibuster to defeat the renewal of the Patriot Act by reading the entire text of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights explaining:

"In these final hours before the Patriot Act is reauthorized, I want my colleagues to hear the voices of the citizens of this country," .... "These voices cannot be stifled by votes taken here."

He concluded:

"We're capable, in this Congress and in this government and in this country, of getting the terrorists and stopping the terrorists, but also protecting the fundamental rights on which this country was founded."

Here here Senator. Thank you for your courage of conviction. We do notice even if the "retro media" doesn't.


The Senate Vote on renewal of the Patriot Act just occured. Feingold was 1 of only 10 votes against renewal. Kerry, Clinton and Biden all voted for it.


  1. Feingold is live on C-span 2 now reading what seems to be a children's book that explains the three branches of the U.S. goverment.

  2. Maybe that's to get the president's attention. Is it called "My Pet Democracy?"

  3. If you want Russ to run in 2008, please, come on over and sign the new petition at Thanks for your time.