Monday, March 06, 2006

Poll Comments 2

This is the place to leave any words of wit or wisdom inspired by the Left-Over Poll.

If you chose to select "other," we'd love to know the choice you had in mind and why. We'd also like to hear your rationale for selecting any choice you were inspired to choose.

Finally, we will be keeping a running list of winning selections to previous polls.

Past Poll Results

Left-Over Poll #1: Who will be indicted next?

Winner - Bob Ney
Runner Up - Karl Rove

Left-Over Poll #2: What was the real reason for Dick Cheney's recent hospital stay?

Winner - Global prayers (unusually effective this year)
Runner Up - Fitzgerald's getting close

Left-Over Poll #3: What is your favorite nickname for Supreme Court nominee, Samuel Alito?

Winner - Grilled Stuft Alito
Runner Up - I Can't RecAlito

Left-Over Poll #4: Lindsey Graham recently threatened to "clean the Democrats' clock." With which Democrat would you most like to see him try?

Winner (tie) - Barbara Boxer
Winner (tie) - Barack Obama

Left-Over Poll #5: Who would you most like to see made exempt from George Bush's proposed ban on human-animal hybrids?

Winner - Cat Woman
Runner Up - Manimal (80's TV hero)

Left-Over Poll #6: What will have the single most lasting affect on George W. Bush's legacy?

Winner - Fixing intelligence to justify Iraq war
Runner Up - Failure of post war plan in Iraq

1 comment:

  1. I resisted the urge to expand the list to include nominees, so that I could include Good Night And Good Luck and the most obvious one - A History Of Violence, but decided that the list of winners includes plenty of good options.

    I like Crash, but decided to go with Hustle & Flow because it gave me two descriptions in one - A Con job combined with the movement of oil!