Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A Clear Voice From the Wilderness

Because of the fast paced, interactive nature of blogs, there are often great comments that get lost as the discussion has already shifted to another topic. At Left-Over, there is no one better at getting in the last word than Lost Wages Joe. And I say this with equal emphasis on “better” and “last!

I’ve pulled up the following recent gem from the end of a discussion several days ago - because it cuts through all the misplaced debate over comparative political philosophies to the core of why our current leaders are failing:

I think that the bottom line is that Neoconservatism is like any other political theory; it would be workable if its practitioners were wise, benevolent, responsible leaders. You could make the same argument about Socialism, communism, even Fascism or Monarchy. The problems come up when the real world leaders reveal their human weaknesses; Stalin and Lenin were lousy communists, Hitler and Mussolini were lousy Fascists, and Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the gang are equally bad examples of the political theories they espouse, for the same reasons; their real interest isn't some grand political theory, it's power.

Next time some anonymous conservative tries to tell me that the right has a better long-term prescription for the country than the left, I’ll remember the words of Lost Wages Joe.

And when the Democrats regain power, I will expect them to be "wise, benevolent and responsible," or I’ll be blogging in opposition to them too!


  1. Keep the comments coming Joe.

    By the way that is a great picture of you.

  2. Lost Wages Joe12:29 PM

    I've never looked better!