Saturday, March 25, 2006

Hail to the "Chicks"

I am not a country music fan but ever since the Dixie Chicks took their public stand against the Iraq War and President Bush - I have become a big fan. I will be first in line to purchase their new CD when it is available May 23. I would urge those who have an inclination to purchase it as well (and if you like our blog consider buying it through our Amazon link on the right). Lets support those who show the courage to take a stand. The Right claims that the "Chicks" have ruined their careers by speaking out publicly. Lets prove them wrong. You can hear the new single "Not ready to make nice" at their website. Just click this link and it will play. After a week of radio airplay on only 40 radio stations the single is number 36 on the country charts. Boy would I love to see it hit number 1.

Post a comment with your favorite protest or anti-war song and I'll compile a list for a future Left-Over poll.


  1. Why would an intelligent author such as yourself like a gabble of soil-munching hicks?

    Now, please shed light on their views regarding blacks - I'm sure it will be as thoughtful...


  2. That is just stupid.

    I'm not saying that the Chicks should run for President I'm just saying that they should have the right to speak their minds - in a free country like ours without receiving death threats for doing so.

    So while you have the right to listen to Lee Greenwood's "Proud to be an American" on endless loop - I'll be listening to something a little more thoughful.

    By the way is your name based on Toby Keith's new single - Retardo.

  3. Sisyphus Shrugged, Body and Soul, and Suburban Guerilla posted some pretty good anti-war songs in the last couple of days.

  4. P.S. - I had to Google Toby Keith and Lee Greenwood.

    One is indeed 'White Tra$h With Money' whilst the other looks like star-spangled AIDS.

    BTW - are three naked (c)hicks covered in cliched terms really your idea of an intelligent freedom of expression?

    Do this by squinting your eyes to look past their photoshopped exteriors, their prejudiced minds, their multi-million accounts, the fact that they are on a corporate magazine and then give me an honest answer...

  5. Green Day's "American Idiot" is my current favorite protest song that most people would recognize in a poll.

    My all time favorite, however, is "Dark Heart" by Sister Double Happiness

  6. Sorry the SDH clip above turned out to be only about 15 seconds of the song, which doesn't do it justice.

  7. Lost Wages Joe11:08 AM

    "A gabble of soil-munching hicks"?! Yow! Listen-up, Retardo; the Dixie Chicks are extremely talented musicians, and among the only artists in their notoriously-conservative genre to actively oppose the our misadventures in Iraq. And I, for one, enthusiastically endorse naked chicks, be they hick or hip, rich or poor, on the cover of corporate magazines or wherever else they might pop-up.

    Sorry to get so excited, but I can't stand to see 2 of my favorite subjects bagged-on; music and naked chicks. Throw-in alcohol, and Retardo would have hit the trifecta.

  8. "Dixies Chicks are extremely talented musicians" - comments like this are not helpful lost wages 'cos i luv welfare' joe.

    I'm afraid only Americans of your red-neck tribe ancestry would regard Dixie Chicks as talented - can they be compared to The Beatles or The Pixies?

    Anyway, that is beside the point. The fact is that 3 prejudiced sweat-lickin' hicks feel that making yet another set of clichéd comments on the I-raq war will actually change something. What are they trying to change by appearing naked on a corporate magazine? This magazine is all for profit and at higher-levels of ownership has links with Bush himself.

    I can't stand the fairy left-wing lite that write these comments (and read this blog) - you are the type of people that will actually text in to a Live 8 concert!

    The fact is that the war has happened, your country folk elected in the president and allowed him to invade Iraq - so what are the Dixie Chicks trying to say? Why do these yeast infected wenches feel that they have the missing component, the X-Factor, which will make some real difference to the situation?

    There are too many questions, and I am baffled as to why SOME intelligent (though political eunuchs) people using this blog can see this stunt as anything other than a hollow head-of-hick statement on the I-raq war.

    It seems all that beer, nakedness and music is beginning to rot the minds of your infidel nation...

  9. Lost Wages Joe12:56 PM

    Whoa, sounds like you could use a heapin' helpin' of beer, nakedness and music, my closed-minded little friend. I wasn't comparing the Dixie Chicks to anyone (although if you consider record sales, which I'm sure you don't, I suspect they fall somewhere in between the Beatles and the over-rated Pixies). Funny seeing you call someone else "prejudiced", though; thanks for the laugh.

  10. Pixies - over-rated? Dixie Chicks - good?

    Oh no, and the hick is even asking to compare record sales, because as we all know that makes music 'more gooder' than other less selling music.

    Anyway, being prejudiced against hicks is perfectly fine - a group of people that founded USA on the wealth of slavery and murder. YEE-HA!

    Hmmmm, if that's not prejudiced, then I feel you need to google it...

  11. Lost Wages Joe10:32 AM

    Well, here in the Infadel Nation, prejudice is never fine, and is something we do battle with every day, in others and in ourselves. But I fear that this discussion isn't going to get either of us anywhere; you clearly hate me for things other than my poor taste in music (like having the bad judgement to be born in a country founded by murderous, slave mongering hicks), and nothing I say is likely to change your mind. Even if I were to point out that the Pixies were born here too. So was rock, jazz, and the blues. And, for better or worse, country. To each his own. Put on your headphones and turn the Pixies up loud, Retardo; it's a free country! Yee haw indeed.

  12. Hey, I'm not anti-American or anything of the sort - I just dislike the Yankee swagger.

    I love a lot of things from America - Pixies, Bill Hicks, the list goes on.

    But all these people filled an alternative niche, that I just don't feel that most America (and you as a constituent part) could ever fulfill.

    People like you have good intentions no doubt, but you are as someone once said of critics "like eunuchs in a whore house - they can tell you what to do, but when it comes to doing it themselves...".

    Anyways, I bear no ill will against you but I do feel your soppy left wing mentality lets you down.

    By this I mean that you only really get the right wing that take control of countries and make a change (be it for the worse). But have you noticed that the left wing never really make it into the upper echelons of any real control? This is what worries me, as this is the situation in your powerful country.

    It seems left-wing politics is more of a thought exercise with no one really willing to start the revolution - they would rather make bland comments regarding the Iraq war and derive their inspiration from millionaire capitalist-bitch celebs.

    You and I probably have a lot in common - unless you really are a hick?

    Just in case, I am going to turn up my Pixies' albums full blast to drown out your uneducated hick twang.

    P.S - That infidel nation stuff was a joke.

    P.P.S - Pixies over-rated?!?

  13. Lost Wages Joe11:06 AM

    Hey, that's just me. I never really "got" the Pixies; Frank Black's voice grates on me. Yet I can sit through hours of John Coltrane squealing on his sax; it's all subjective, and there's no accounting for taste!

    Obviously, I worry about my country too. I just haven't given-up on our electoral process, our Constitution, and the persuasive power of free speech... yet.