Monday, June 02, 2008

Hillary – It Just Won’t Be You!

Dear Hillary,

On the eve of what appears to be the end of your “historic”, “ground breaking” bid to become the first woman to earn the nomination of her party to be President of the United States – I just have to say…….. nice try!
You proved a formidable candidate and a viable choice for the Democratic party. You won a lot of support nation wide. You showed that the country may just be ready for a female president. Your candidacy was ground breaking in many ways and America will ultimately be better for your run.

But in the end, much to your chagrin, but still for our countries gain – Barack Obama proved a better candidate, a better politician and overall a better leader! His nomination also speaks volumes about the progress of the country and his election in June will be a signal to the world that America will not defined by the Bush Administration. We are better than that……………much better!

So as you reflect upon your failure to earn the nomination – know that because of you - the United States will have a woman President someday………………………It just won’t be you!

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  1. Giraffe12:36 AM

    We give her credit for a valiant try, but I hope the "better angels of her nature step in soon."