Monday, June 02, 2008

Kick His Ass! Kick His Ass!

Remember when a fight would break out in elementary school, and all the other kids were so glad not to be involved that they would gather and cheer for the loser to fight back, just so they could watch a longer, and hopefully bloodier, fight from the safety of the sidelines?

OK, so maybe you didn't grow up in a rural, white, working class, town like I did; but trust me, it happened all the time, and the kids most eager to cheer on the fight were often the ones least likely to be in one.

I'm willing to guess that the kids who were most eager to egg on the apparent loser of one of these schoolyard fights, just to see a good bloodbath from a safe distance, are the same Hillary supporters now urging her to "take it to the convention!"

Of course, they will be long gone by the time Hillary gets expelled from the Democratic Party, and has to nurse her political wounds in the solitary isolation that comes with being yesterday's loser!

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  1. Giraffe12:32 AM

    Growing up in a rural, working class town apparently didn't destroy any of your spunk, seenos.
    Hillary is now going to need some kind of unwinding plan. How do you stop doing what she has been doing so long. I'm sure she will get up each day and address the bathroom mirror. "Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the best candidate of all? You are! You are! and then she'll brush her teeth and Obama will need to support her need to keep her from making a wicked transformation as fairy tales go. She is a fighter but sometimes fighters lose. She is going to find out a way to be a winner in all this somehow, but not this time around.