Sunday, June 29, 2008

Unity Schmunity!

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A while back I wrote a post that included the following conclusion:
If Hillary really wants a Democrat to return to the White House in 2008, she will show her leadership by defending Obama against her own most vitriolic anti-Obama supporters!
A few days ago, Hillary Clinton held a formal unity rally with Barack Obama, and gave a rousing speech in support of his campaign. Purportedly at the request of both candidates, Bill Clinton was not present at the event.

Now, it appears that Bill is quite a bit more reluctant to embrace the Obama campaign, reportedly telling friends that Obama will have to “kiss his ass” to gain Bill’s support.

I’ll admit that Hillary has a limited ability to stop nutjobs like Larry Johnson from trashing Obama in an effort to undermine his campaign against John McCain. However, if there is one person she can be expected to influence if she really wants Obama to win in the general election, it’s her husband!

As I’ve said before, Hillary knows she has to be seen as being 100 percent behind Barack Obama to remain a contender for the democratic nomination in 2012 if Obama were to lose to McCain.

If she doesn’t get Bill to support him 100 percent as well, it will be a sign to me that she isn’t really “kissing” Obama, but is kissing the air next to Obama as a photo op to prove she wasn’t the reason he lost, but that she and Bill are really still counting on him to lose to John McCain so she can resume her presidential aspirations!

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