Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New NBC/WSJ Poll: Up Up and Away!

Today's NBC/WSJ poll shows a great start for Obama's "general" run. My sense has been that once the primary was over the clear distinctions between Obama and McCain would be painfully (for the Republicans) obvious. The state of the economy, gas prices and frustration with the war - all fall squarely on McCain's "slumping" shoulders as he tries to convince the electorate that we need more of the same. This poll shows that he's got one ginormous hill to climb:
Obama leads McCain among African Americans (83-7 percent), Hispanics (62-28), women (52-33), Catholics (47-40), independents (41-36) and even blue-collar workers (47-42). Obama is also ahead among those who said they voted for Clinton in the Democratic primaries (61-19).

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