Saturday, June 07, 2008

Hillary: One Day at a Time!

So Hillary has decided to concede the nomination and endorse Barack Obama.

That's great, but given the arc of her campaign, is this a greater commitment than was her pledge "not to participate" in the Michigan and Florida primaries?

OK, I doubt she could go back to claiming she deserves the nomination, but think about what happened here!

On the night Obama clinched the nomination by getting an insurmountable number of delegates, Hillary gave a speech touting her own support after allowing herself to be introduced by Terry McAulliffe as "the next president of the United States!"

It was only after what can best be described an "intervention" by her own high profile supporters on Capitol Hill that she agreed to try to kick the "campaigning to be president" habit!

Of course, normally such an intervention is followed by extensive treatment and group therapy, with support from fellow recovering addicts. There is no such peer group for Hillary, however, and one has to wonder how soon it will be before she falls back on her old ways of boosting her own qualifications as a future commander-in-chief over Barack Obama's if doing so will give her the rush she's looking for!

And while I'm trying to stay optimistic, I'm not ready to concede to those who want to say that "all is forgiven" now that Hillary has promised to help Obama get elected. For me, all will be forgiven on the day of Barack Obama's inauguration.

Until and unless that day occurs, Hillary will be just another unfortunate loser, whose compulsions ultimately destroyed the lives of those she claimed to love!

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  1. Giraffe9:18 AM

    Why did she not invite Obama to her concession speech? Was she rallying her supporters one last time or was she reading a speech written by Charlie Rangle. She is a very determined person. I know it is hard to trust that she will truly give Obama full support, but let's hope so.