Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Please Pass the Jello!

From Atrios:
"Oh, Go with the Green Background"

"It'll make you look like the cottage cheese in a lime jello salad" Always a good look for an older gentlemen.The aesthetics of McCain's speech, just mercifully completed before a slightly energized crowd of literally dozens, was awesome in how dreadful it was.

Update: Here's a great mash up of McCain's speech and the pundits reaction via TPM:


  1. just one clip amongst others...
    This dangerous man MUST be stopped.

  2. Giraffe11:24 PM

    Listening to his speech, the thought came to me this man is trying to imitate Ronald Reagan, and doing it very badly. Remember Reagans slow cadence. I'll bet he listened to old Reagan speeches all week to prepare for this one.