Friday, September 26, 2008

Debate Liveblog

7:45 PM (seenos): At this point, my thoughts are going to be rapidly polluted by the bloviating opinions of the cable news pundits, so I’ll sign off until I’ve had a chance to process what we’ve just heard.

As a parting shot, however, I have to comment on the initial response that I'm hearing, which is that McCain gave a very contentious closing in which he said Obama doesn't have the experience to be President. My response can be summarized in four words: Who. Chose. Sarah. Palin?

7:38 PM (seenos): Nice wrap up by Obama, bringing everything back to the fact that McCain = Bush = Iraq = Little focus on anything else. McCain follows with a rambling proclamation that Obama isn’t ready to be President, while he (McCain) knows how to do all of the things he hasn’t done during his many years in the Senate.

7:25 PM (seenos): McCain’ debate prep apparently consisted of memorizing and practicing pronunciation of all the names of all of the leaders of the former Soviet Union. Fortunately for him, he got to use one of his answers to list them.

7:20 PM (seenos): McCain definitely seemed to get flustered when Obama pointed out that McCain said he wouldn’t meet with the President of Spain. McCain isn’t good at hiding the fact that his opponent drew blood.

7:14 PM (seenos): Make McCain give one, just one, example of a “pre-condition” for talking to one of our enemies! The use of the phrase "pre-condition" is a classic bit of "McCainery".

7:05 PM (seenos): McCain: “Iran has a lousy government. Therefore, they have a lousy economy” LOL!

6:57 PM (seenos): Does McCain have someone holding up signs telling him what to say. He seems like he’s squinting really hard to see something in the audience while Obama is talking.

6:52 PM (seenos): For those on the right who are calling for Sarah Such-As to withdraw because of her complete inability to answer a question without an incomprehensible stream of random words, McCain just gave you a big "f**k you" by praising her once again as a great fellow maverick. LOL!

6:38 PM (seenos): McCain wants a spending freeze on “everything but the military.” He really does think everything is a war.

6:30 PM (seenos): The way his face keeps twitching, I keep expecting McCain to pull a Woody Hayes and run over and try to hit Obama. He’s really an angry guy!

6:25 PM (seenos): “Festooned” must be a word that McCain learned from Sarah Palin

6:19 PM (left-over): McCain just said that he will veto every spending bill that would cross his desk as President. Oops!

6:17PM (seenos):
McCain: When I'm President and we spend millions on studying bears' DNA, You will know their names!

6:10 PM (left-over): Not the end of the beginning but the beginning of the end. huh!

6:05PM (seenos):
One minute in, and Obama has already linked McCain to Bush. One minute into his response, McCain is filibustering.

6:02 PM (seenos): Let's get ready to rumble! I was desperately trying to think of a catch name for this debate, a la "Thrilla in Manilla," but damned if nothing rhymes with Mississippi! The best I can do is "The Piss at Old Miss!"

5:55 PM (seenos): When you run pre-debate ads claiming you won the debate, does that raise expectations so high that you can't possibly win the debate?

Just a little pre-debate clarification:

If the competence of a campaign spin operation can serve to lower expectations for a candidate’s debate performance, then John McCain can burp the alphabet on stage tonight and still be seen as a striking success who is the most skilled member of his team!

Here’s the web ad that began to appear this morning:

Obviously, it was prepared in advance (perhaps while McCain was claiming to be skipping the debate), and scheduled to be released on the day of the event, in order to push the idea that McCain dominated over Obama. But someone forgot to schedule it to begin running after the end of the debate. Oops!

I wonder if it was the same guy who released the internal talking points about how to gain political advantage from “suspending” a political campaign!

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