Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Sarah Palin, the “Tough Maverick Reformer,” is Pure McCainery!

How many different Republicans have to call Sarah Palin a “reformer” who is “tough” and a “maverick” before Andrea Mitchell quits asking and just consults her notes without bothering to start another interview?

It’s exactly what I earlier described as “McCainery,” the use of simple-minded platitudes intended to deceive the gullible. It is, after eight years of complete and utter failure, all the Republicans have left to say for themselves. And so every one of them, from Carly Fiorina to Pat Buchanan, said it over and over and over.

Even Joe “Droopy Dog” Lieberman made a point of squeezing all the requisite words into a predictably dull speech about his friend, the “restless reformer who will clean up Washington!”

He was preceded by Fred Thompson, the actor turned critic of opponents' “teleprompter speeches,” who blustered that McCain-Palin are prepared to go to Washington to “drain the swamp!”

Of course, said swamp is still crawling with members of a Bush administration whose policies form the basis of nearly everything the “bold, activist reformer” (according to Newt Gingrich) wants to achieve as president.

It’s still crawling with the very lobbyists who are running the McCain campaign, and who helped Mayor Sarah Palin get $6 million in earmarks for her town of 5700 people.

It’s still crawling with an obstructionist minority in Congress who kill nearly any legislation not blessed by a Bush administration who has spent eight years pandering to the same evangelical base that McCain is courting with his VP choice.

So by all means, we’re in agreement, as Americans putting country first, that we need to clean up Washington by draining the swamp! It’s just that everyone we heard speaking tonight needs to go down the drain!

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  1. Is there any chance that Obama skeptics in the media will question whether Palin will be able to live up to the pressure of her high profile speech tomorrow?