Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sarah Palin is the female Ann Coulter

It was difficult to watch Sarah Palin’s speech last night but after reading reaction from across the blogosphere – I agree with Poblano and Al Giordano that the speech was another miscalculation by the McCain campaign.

This was Palin’s introduction to the country – her chance to create a positive impression. But the decision to attack Obama in such a sarcastic and petty way may have played well in the room – but is not going to get any independent or swing votes. I think we can put the PUMA myth to bed now.

All she did was rally the “Angry” conservative base. Why the f**k are the Republicans so angry anyway? They got their war and their tax breaks and their shredding of the constitution. But I digress………

Sarah Palin is not a reformer ...... not a maverick. Her speech was just “red moose meat” for the Republican base. She attacked with dismissive sarcasm and lies - blaming the media and manufactured straw men as the Republicans always do.

She glossed over her own extreme views on abortion, sex education, book banning and “her God’s” view of the war in "eye rack".

The reality is that Palin’s views are so extreme that McCain might as well have picked Michelle Malkin or Ann Coulter as his running mate.

So now – let’s watch the media and the Netroots expose this woman for who she really is – an extremely right-wing social conservative with more scandals than kids she can parade up on stage.

Now that will be enjoyable to watch!


  1. It's not "eye rack." Rather it's "I, Rack," as in a potential title for her autobiography!

  2. Anonymous2:32 PM

    I am so sick and tired of hearing Obama folks trash this mother and woman. They are going to get a rude awakening from suburban working moms, hockey/soccer moms, rural areas and blue collar all around. I was a Hillary supporter and now a Palin supporter. The Dems, Palosi and Dean missed the boat entirely. Just because you nominate a black man does not equate to being qualified to be president. Hillary was by far the most qualified candidate. Since they trashed her and used the worse tactics ever — claiming not to trash her to her face while coaching their supporters to trash her and call them racist behind their back was truly ugly!!! (Obama played the race card - Not Clinton). As Palin so well noted in her speech “We tend to prefer candidates who don’t talk about us one way in Scranton and another way in San Francisco.” Namely trashing rural people for believing in guns and religion will blow up in their face!!!. I can’t wait to watch the Deaniacs and Obama freaks go down — Big time…


  3. Left-over2:48 PM

    Well Heidi, if that's your real name, let me ask you a question? How can you possibly vote for Palin/McCain when they stand opposed to everything your girl Hillary has worked for her entire public life? As far as the "race card" Bill brought it on himself with his clumsy statements on the campaign trail. That was not the Obama campaign. By your eagerness to push this "lie" like the "lies" Palin was pushing last night - I find it hard to believe that you are really a Hillary supporter. Didn't you hear her ask you to vote for Obama?

    Thanks for coming to our little site!