Sunday, September 28, 2008

Debate Recap

After taking some time to ruminate over Obama-McCain I and listening/reading a variety of viewpoints, I’m firmly in agreement with those who think the lasting memories of this debate won’t have anything to do with what the candidates said. What will stick is the striking difference in the tone and body language of the two men; with Obama seeming relaxed, confident and presidential, and McCain seeming grumpy, accusatory, and defensive.

Here’s an excellent analysis by John Cole, which harkens back to the first Bush-Gore debate of 2000, where Gore was widely panned for his unappealing sighs and eye rolling, and reminds us that:
if we were to use the Al Gore criteria, John McCain got his ass kicked
John McCain likes to present himself as the candidate who is tough enough to stare down his enemies without blinking. But in the direct confrontation of a debate, he couldn’t even look Obama in the eye, and his default mannerisms included almost constant blinking. His physical presence was in stark opposition to the image of a tough, strong leader. In fact, at one point, McCain even seemed to mumble the word “horseshit” under his breath, rather than having the courage to express his objection to Obama’s face.

Mumbling obscenities under ones breath is not a presidential quality! Instead, it clearly looks petulant, childish, and weak. McCain may have been a courageous hero at one time in his life, but he now carries himself like an angry, petty, defensive and, yes, even cowardly man!

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