Wednesday, September 10, 2008

She's the Lipstick!

While watching Obama’s interview on Countdown last night, I kept thinking to myself, Obama’s making great points – but he just takes too long to make them. Not too long for those of us political junkies that might actually read this – but too long and nuanced for those independent and undecided voters he’s still trying to attract. Let’s face it after 8 years of Bush/Cheney, anyone who is still undecided in this race, is obviously not too bright. So the question is - what will get through to them.

The answer is in a KISS. No, not this one!

Its - keep it simple stupid. That is what the Republicans have been so good at over the last 8 years. Rove and Bush were able to boil everything down to simple slogans and catch phrases.
And that is when it hit me. Yesterday Obama stumbled upon his answer - the way to get through to the undecideds. When he uttered the "Lipstick on a pig" reference - he perfectly described the McCain/Palin ticket - but as he said Wednesday night on Letterman – “Palin is the lipstick” in this reference.

The media today ran with this story – pushed by the “crocodile tears” of the McCain campaign - and it's all the better for Obama. This is a perfect metaphor for the McCain Campaign. It is visual. It is catchy - and the media ate it up!

I think the Obama/Biden Campaign should embrace this phrase.............and repeat it ...............and repeat it...................and repeat it...................and repeat it some more - until no one can think about McCain/Palin without see the lipstick on a pig!

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