Monday, September 22, 2008

What Are Your Facts?

Here’s a little something for those who like gonzo confrontational “journalism.”

During this year’s Netroots Nation conference in Austin, a right wing counter-convention was held across town. A couple of the more, let’s say, “colorful” members of the lefty blogosphere, Mike Stark and The Rude Pundit, went on a little field trip, during which Stark was recorded confronting the Wall Street Journal’s John Fund about past dalliances with Grover Nordquist, who also makes an appearance in the video.

Left-Over and I first heard about the incident in a conversation with a third blogger who was in the building during the confrontation, although he claimed to have made himself scarce during the actual incident, presumably out of embarrassment.

It’s a bit rough and long, since it’s presented in unedited form, but I do find it fascinating how many times Fund was willing to repeat his request for the facts that Stark had about his college sexual activities, even after he knew it was all on camera!

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