Thursday, September 25, 2008

Quick Thought....

All of McCain's mavericky campaign suspending has little to do with the Wall Street Bailout. I think its a huge smokescreen to keep the media from reporting on Palin's disastrous Katie Couric interview taped yesterday morning. If you've seen any of it - it is just jaw dropping. Palin is laughable - pathetically bad. The right leaning Couric cannot hide her bewilderment.

I think McCain even cancelled his appearance on Letterman to do a on-set interview with Katie for the evening news last night in a last ditch effort to push most of the Palin interview down the road. They are desperately trying to play misdirection here.

[Update by seenos] This brings me back to another notable Barney Frank gem, in which he shows that there's nothing better than some good, well-timed, sarcasm:
(Frank) said McCain's presence would be unhelpful, he did say, getting a dig in at McCain's running mate, that there "were times when I was ready to suggest that, when we got to some of the more complicated issues about how do you price these sophisticated instruments, that we ask him to make Sarah Palin available to give us her expertise."

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