Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Faster Mitt, Attack, Attack!

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Judging from this graphic depicting the relative net worth of the remaining presidential candidates (which was adapted from this very entertaining site), Mitt Romney is, if anything, a guy who is used to getting his way!

A trophy case full of “silver medals” is not going to cut it for a guy who is likely used to wielding his considerable financial power to squash his competition like so many bugs.

At this point, I would equate Romney with the big-bankrolled gambler who has invested lost so much of his own money that he can’t quit until he wins back the GOP nomination that he thought he once owned!

So I’m fully expecting Romney to open the vaults and bombard the nation with ads like this one attacking John McCain:

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It’s coming, and it’s going to be fun to watch!

I just wonder how long before the five Romney brothers decide they had better start campaigning for McCain in order to stop dad from spending all of their inheritance in the general election!

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  1. Although, according to this report Romney seems to be contracting his campaign spending efforts, the last line suggests to me that they just needed a little extra time to make the attack ads uglier!