Monday, January 28, 2008

Rudy Can’t Fail, Or Can He?

Florida was supposed to Rudy Giuliani’s firewall, but it looks like his campaign is already riddled with the loser virus!

His (cough) strategy (cough) was to spent many months and 30 million dollars in order to let the people of Florida get to know him. Oops! Bad idea! Perhaps he would have picked up a few more votes if he’d spent the money letting people get to know Mitt Romney!

At this point, Rudy will be lucky to pull himself up to third place, in a “winner-take-all” primary that will give him exactly zero delegates worth of Tsunami Tuesday momentum!

There are times when a failure this large and this embarrassing would draw at least a slight bit of my sympathy. I mean, if I were to come across a Duncan Hunter or a Tom Tancredo sitting alone, teary eyed and forlorn, at a neighborhood bar, I might even buy him a (cheap draft) beer and give him my condolences.

But Rudy? Nah. I’d probably give him a hand gesture shaped like an inverted Florida!

(music by: The Clash)

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