Friday, January 04, 2008

Random Thoughts on the Iowa Caucus

I can’t help but feel proud of what the Iowan voters said to the nation and the world. With decisive wins by Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee, the citizens of Iowa said with a resounding voice – WE WANT CHANGE!

It seems that George Bush has finally become the “uniter”. He’s united the entire country in mutual disdain for his administration and the Washington insiders complicit in its policies. Not a good sign for Hillary Clinton and her “I’m the experienced one” message - also not a good sign for John McCain who the cable news outlets are desperately trying to push to the Republican Nomination.

With the huge turnout – Barack Obama is succeeding in energizing young and independent voters. And if you watched Obama’s victory speech (above) it’s easy to see why!

Mitt Romney is just too plastic and superficial to be taken seriously. A billion dollars can’t buy you personality!

Poor Rudy! At least you’ll always have 9/11.

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  1. Wow, you beat me at pushing the publish button by a minute!

    Nice call on the slow path to finally achieving the "uniter" label for GWB.

    If McCain does end up as the nominee, that will pretty much lock down the fact that this election will be about the war.

    The vote can be boiled down to one simple decision:

    "Diplomacy versus Endless War: You Make the Call!"

    (followed by a picture of McCain and Bush in full BFF embrace!)