Wednesday, January 09, 2008

OK Hillary - What Now?

I have to give you credit Hillary for pulling out a narrow victory in the New Hampshire Primary on Tuesday. I also have to admit that I was kind of swept up by the Obama wave following the Iowa Caucus. Seeing the polls indicating an inevitable Obama New Hampshire win - lead me to believe that the Democratic nomination may be a forgone conclusion.

But Hillary you proved that you are not going down without a fight. You hunkered down and ......................... came out crying! Bravo - a fine piece of theater!

You could have cried real tears which might have been more believable.

You also could have waited to cry after a more substantive question than "How do you do it? Who does your hair?" - but I quibble.

Your "show of emotion" was a brilliant strategic move. It instantly changed the media narrative hours before the voting began and as you stated today during a CNN interview "was a very special moment". (Something is really creepy with you yourself calling it "a very special moment")

Now that you have"finally found your own voice" - what are you going to say that's different than what you've been saying so far? How is your campaign of change going to................well............. change?

Its solely up to you - not new strategists - not new negative adds attacking Obama - not Bill. You must prove to everyone that you really have had a significant epiphany. You're campaign must change! Crying again if you lose - is not an option. That get out of jail free card is all used up.

What now? I'm watching.


  1. Lost Wages Joe10:42 AM

    Sorry, LO; I'm no Clintonista (I'd prefer Edwards, and if not him, Obama), but I think you're being unfair to Hillary. And I think that the perception that the media, and her opponents, are attacking her over a couple of sniffles and a brief crack in her voice when she was giving what appeared to many (obviously not to all) to be a sincere, heartfelt explanation of why she is running and how important she feels the race is, was one of the main reasons that she won in New Hampshire. This incedent convinced a lot of people in New Hampshire that, #1) there's a real person under the mask, that truly believes she can and should be President, and 2) the attacks on her in the media and by Edwards and Obama are unwarranted and sexist.

    I still don't like her as much as the other 2, because of her policies, her voting record, and the fact that some of the high-ranking people in her campaign are scumbags. But I don't dislike her personally, and I don't think she's nearly as power-hungry, as manipulative, or as insincere as many on the far right AND the far left (where I usually find myself) think. And those who attack her personally, rather than criticize her policies and positions, risk helping her politically.

    Hey, I could be wrong. Maybe she's a cold, calculating, castrating bitch who wants to be Queen of the World. But I don't think so.

  2. I think your analysis LWJ of the result of Hillary's show of emotion is right on. My problem with her was not that she showed some emotion and cried (I have now problem with people showing their emotions. In fact I have some experience with someone who never could - but I digress.) It was her stated reason for crying. She said that she loves our country and doesn't want to see us go backwards. That makes perfect since if she was in the general election and was losing to the Republican. But I think everyone would agree that nominating Obama would be a huge step forward for America. The fact that she got props for finally showing her feelings - wasn't honest in my opinion. Thats all I'm saying!