Monday, January 21, 2008

Give Some Other Families a Chance!

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As long as Bill Clinton is willing to keep using his status as a former president to enhance Hillary’s campaign, Barack Obama will be fighting a steep uphill battle to even have a chance at the Democratic nomination.

As a former president, Bill knows that he can dominate the media cycle any time he wants, merely by saying something controversial about the Obama campaign. He can lead every newscast and make the front page of every newspaper with a strategically provocative comment, and if he times them right before each primary, he can drown out Obama’s message for the large portion of voters who make their decision at the last minute based on what they see in the news!

Because of the media advantage that the former president affords Hillary as she relies on him to advance her campaign, I think it is completely fair to ask some serious questions about the other side of the coin - Bill Clinton’s cozy relationship to the Bush family, and whether a Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton "dynasty" is in the best interest of our country.

If Hillary Clinton becomes president, and Bill is as involved in her administration as he is in her campaign, what advice can we expect him to give her about acknowledging and addressing the disastrous aftermath of the presidency of his good friend’s son? Would Bill feel a sense of responsibility toward his friend, leading him to spare Bush Sr. from embarrassment by using his political skills to help whitewash the problems created by the younger Bush?

It has been noted many times that a Hillary Clinton presidency could put the White House in the hands of the same two families for as many as 28 consecutive years! This might not be a concern if those two families were not connected in any significant way. However, Bill Clinton has spent the last five plus years chumming around with the patriarch of the family currently controlling the White House.

Why, given the relationship that has developed between the Bush and Clinton families, would we believe Hillary Clinton is the best person to help the country bounce back from eight years of the latest Bush presidency?


  1. That's a great question. I have another one. Where was Bill's willingness to speak out prior to this election while GWB was driving this country into the ground. I guess that wasn't worthy of public outrage. He only gets upset when another Democratic candidate with virtually the same views poses a threat to his wife winning an election. That is what makes him angry. Not Iraq! Not Katrina! Bill you seem a little tense lately. Maybe you need an intern!

  2. Giraffe8:20 AM

    seenos and left-over, you are something else! I wonder what your mothers would say.

  3. Giraffe4:17 PM

    You know how the Bush family and the Ben Laden family were so involved that all the Ben Ladens got out of the country on 9/ll, and we didn't go after Ben Laden at all. You may be on to something here. I hope not. The Clintons could do the same to the detriment of us all.